What is acupuncture based on?

Pain that is usually nothing but a severe imbalance between Yin and Yang energy flows. This was discovered long time ago in China and is the basis of acupuncture, a medical practice widely used nowadays, known for its effectiveness when it comes to treating various diseases and special medical conditions, not always cured by drugs. Pain often occurs in the form of a blockage in a structure, or excessive flow of one of the two types of energy. By balancing these flows, acupuncture not only heals the patient, but it also eliminates the source of pain completely.

Nowadays, acupuncture has evolved and is used in a more scientific way. Even though the very basic principles and ideas behind it remained the same, there were some changes that took place over the centuries in order to make this kind of procedure even more powerful. From menstrual pain to the most terrible and acute headaches one could suffer from, acupuncture has healed almost everything and is therefore regarded as one of the most powerful methods used nowadays. In addition to pain, acupuncture is also efficient in stress management, lowering blood pressure and even bladder problems.

Perhaps the most important aspects of this intervention is that with the use of needles the acupuncturist can work on identifiable physical structures in the human body and alter the energy flow for every patient. Another term patients should be aware of is the so called acupuncture point chart. This is a very useful tool when it comes to the use of needles. Without a point chart it would be impossible for therapists to locate the exact spots where the needles should be inserted. Some experienced therapists will have already learnt all these and do not require a chart, but they are likely to still carry it with them.

After one or more sessions of acupuncture the Qi in the body of the patient will be completely balanced. As it is assumed that an imbalance of energy is the most prevalent source of pain, in most cases patients will be able to live a normal life again and eliminate this source completely from their body. It is, however, difficult to restore the Qi balance and several sessions will often be required.

All in all, acupuncture is definitely not the easiest medical procedures but can prove to be very beneficial when it comes to treating various diseases and medical conditions. It is worth trying when medications do not work.