What can acupuncture be used for?

Acupuncture treats many diseases, in most cases without any trace of pain and without drugs. But exactly how many troubles can be eliminated by this simple trick? In the following lines you will be provided with information related to the diseases and conditions that can usually be treated with the help of this very powerful technique. Acupuncture has the gift to restore the body's energy balance, which is really helpful in many situations.

According to traditional Chinese medicine, human body is crossed by 12 energy meridians, each controlling one function or one organ. The skin along these meridians contains acupuncture points. Inserting needles into the skin is painless mainly because these points are nerve free. In addition to this, any kind of bleeding will be presented. The needle punch transmits an energy flow to the affected organ and the brain during the entire session of acupuncture, which usually lasts for 11 minutes.


Acupuncture is a therapy that changes the lives of many women with gynecological problems including infertility. Acupuncture specialists have found that these women have poor peripheral circulation, a low temperature viscosity of the abdomen to the upper body and dehydrated skin, which leads to a nervous system imbalance caused by stress. Therefore no pregnancy hormones are released, which will help fertilize the egg. After three months of therapy and weekly meetings, some women eventually became pregnant.

Neck pain

Surely we have all experienced this kind of pain. This is usually met daily, especially if you work in an office. The medical explanation is that muscles become tense because of poor blood circulation, but acupuncturists have a different opinion: at the top of the neck there is a point, called the Fuch, directly related to the eyes.

Oriental Medicine believes that the area between the neck and shoulder says a lot about your emotional state. You'll notice that when you have anxiety, this area is tense and acupuncturists will therefore try to relax it. Fear and tension are some of the symptoms of anxiety that can be enhanced by exposure to stress, but you can make it disappear by acupuncture.


Have you run out of ideas in terms of losing weight? Acupuncture may be a solution, especially since it eliminates the side effects of any diet, including fatigue, dehydration, anemia and loss of calcium. Therapy needles placed in points of the tongue, stomach, kidney or spleen, combined with the points of the ear help release leptin, a hormone that contributes to the effectiveness of therapy and endorphins that decrease appetite.