How to lose weight through acupuncture

By stimulating energy points using needles, one could speed up metabolism and diminished the appetite of the patient undergoing an acupuncture session. If you are tired and want to follow drastic diets to lose weight healthily you should take into account a more popular alternative in a society where obesity epidemic grows: acupuncture. Through this kind of therapy needles can stimulate all body functions, including the digestive system.

Acupuncture regulates the functions of stomach, liver, pancreas and all the organs responsible for processing proteins, carbohydrates and lipids and the proper distribution of food to energy, as most specialists suggest. One of the most important acupuncture points to be stimulated to accelerate digestion and metabolism are the four fingers above the ankle, behind the tibia. Another one is located behind the knee, by pressing three fingers on it.

Another mechanism by which acupuncture works is related to the hunger center, located in the hypothalamus. By stimulating it, one could inhibit the appetite of the patient and can reduce the calorie intake drastically. So make sure you do not let these conditions untreated and resort to the help of a professional, because it may save you plenty of money.

The point of energy that corresponds to the most important part of the brain than is in the ear, the cartilage of the ear canal entrance. Acupuncture can correct hormonal imbalances and sometimes the origin is problems with overweight patients. For example, through needle therapy the acupuncturists may set the desired amount of hormones that controls the appetite. The most important hormones are leptin, which suppresses the appetite, as well as ghrelin, which stimulates the appetite. In case of overweight and obese patients the level of leptin was significantly lower. Synthesis of this hormone can be stimulated with acupuncture, which will lead to establishing the right balance.

Finally, weight gain may have originated in stress or anxiety. Both cause the affected person to consume more food, a phenomenon known as emotional eating or compulsive eating. Acupuncture works in the nervous system, bringing emotional balance. It also induces muscle relaxation, beneficial to people affected by stress. With acupuncture the patient will lose about three pounds a month and is recommended not to exceed this amount because the body will then become unbalanced. For results to be visible and maintained over time it is recommended that you resort to the help of these professionals twice a year.