Frequent questions on acupuncture

Acupuncture is one of the most popular Chinese medical practices. Its roots date back from the 16th century, when some wise people in the Asian country discovered that the insertion of steel needles in the so called energy channels of the human body could be beneficial for treating a wide range of potentially dangerous diseases and medical conditions. This is said to be possible because of the general belief that any disease is the result of energy imbalance. By providing enough stimulation to all these channels the balance of energy is then restored in the body of the patient and the health state is improved considerably. In addition to this, it is also believed that the needles used in acupuncture increase the amount of endorphins, which eliminate pain.

One of the questions people commonly have is whether acupuncture hurts. By our nature it is somehow common to be afraid of needles being inserted into our body. In most cases acupuncture is completely painless, mainly because of the fact that the needles used are very thin and prevent any discomfort. A certain level of pain can be experienced in some situations, but this will surely be more bearable than an injection, for example. Numbness at the muscle level is also common in acupuncture but is a normal sign and is absolutely necessary for a complete healing. This does not mean that you cannot ask your doctor to stop if you feel really uncomfortable at any point.

There are plenty of diseases and conditions that have been cured with the use of acupuncture so far. These include headaches, muscle pain and even menstrual pain. The procedure is currently being regarded as a very useful alternative to drugs and surgery. And finally, here are some more conditions that can be treated with this fantastic technique:

  • All kinds of headaches, including severe and acute ones and migraines;
  • Menstrual pain, toothaches and frozen shoulders were also dealt with successfully with acupuncture;
  • Infertility and bladder problems will no longer be a problem, since there were thousands of patients who reported the complete elimination of pain during urination after undergoing several acupuncture sessions;
  • Acupuncture is also effective when it comes to preventing allergic reactions;
  • Various skin disorders can also be treated with the help of this old Chinese procedure, including eczemas, rashes, rhinitis and many others;

Poor blood circulation, prevention of heart attack, high blood pressure, panic attacks, dizziness and insomnia are also conditions that could be dealt with.